Well, you’re reading this and you’re here, so my guess is YES.

You, my friend, are a Lightworker and by that I mean, you are here to co-create a New Earth rooted in Information, Truth and Love. You are here to be a renegade and a way-shower for others, being the example that there is a more inclusive, compassionate, harmonic and joyous way to build companies, lead teams, make money, grow families, rise in our careers and contribute to the world than the one we’ve been programmed to be afraid of.

It means you are busting out of the programming of fear and disempowerment, and walking up to the cellular memory inside your DNA that you are a sovereign being on this planet, operating as a bridge between the cosmos and this earthly reality, literally seeding more light in the world with your very existence. 

Now you might be thinking: “HOLD UP JESSICA!? What are you actually talking about?? How do I apply this to my, you know, actual life? The one that is constantly tripping me up with imposter syndrome, insecurity, a shitty economy, a critical boss, a lackluster launch, a disorganized team, an operationally broken business, comparisonitis and a feeling of loneliness?”

Yeah, I feel ya, sister. 

With the launch of the new jessicazweig.com, I am blending business, branding and spirituality in a capacity not yet done before, and I know, by virtue of the community I’ve spent the last ten years building, that I am speaking to a large network of Lightworkers. Women who are here to shine SO bright, scale massively abundant businesses,  to live out their big, purposeful and needed dreams and who (like me) face their own shadows and doubts along the way.

That’s why I’ve created my “Lightworker Superpower” Quiz, to unlock your secret genius and one-of-a-kind light beam of a soul, so that you can step forward in clarity and conviction in not just what you are here to do, but WHO you are here to BE. 

In order to do that with full authenticity, you must understand the shadow side of your unique Lightworker Superpower. Only when we fully integrate our shine AND our sh*t, do we become truly unstoppable. And that’s what this world needs now more than ever – unstoppable female Lightworkers here to raise the frequency of the planet as they make money AND make a difference for a better world for the next generations to inherit. 

A sneak peek into the 4 archetypes: 

The Luminary Lightworker –  a magnetic visionary, powerful action taker, a natural leader and a non conformist. Someone who is already taking up MAJOR space in the world and needs to know what’s next.

The Trailblazer Lightworker – an entrepreneurial queen who isn’t just blazing a path; she’s lighting up an entirely new grid. Yet she knows, in order to build her queendom right, she’s gotta stay curious, ask the right questions, stay ambitious with her mission and not get caught up in the overwhelm.

The Starseed Lightworker – a light so bright she could light up the whole world…if only more people knew it fully…if only SHE knew it more completely. She’s teeming with visions and desires, and is ready to activate her confidence and use her voice in an entirely new way so she can create an entirely new world for herself.

The Best-Kept-Secret Lightworker – an inspirational leader, strategic thinker, an innovator at the top of her game.  Yet, she’s still undiscovered. Why? Because she’s been playing by rules she didn’t create. She’s ready to chart her course to be recognized and known, so that she doesn’t just change her company, or even industry – she’s here to change the world. 

Are you READY to know just what type of Lightworker YOU are, unlock your genius and find your unique superpowers to shine brighter than ever before?   Take my ‘Lightworker Superpower’ Quiz – it inly takes 90-seconds! – to find out AND get a whole bunch of epic tools, bonuses and resources (all totally free!) to support your activation.

Here’s to your Light, sister.