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Reclaim Your Feminine Power, Live Your Cosmic Truth and Illuminate The World

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  • 2x live group coaching calls with me in June and July
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  • A ticket to my Lion’s Gate Virtual Launch Party on 8/8/2024
  • Get exclusive access to my all-new branding masterclass, “How to Take Your Brand from the 3-D to the 5-D”
“The Light Work is a critical and necessary book for this time”
Michael Beckwith

Founder & CEO, Agape International Spiritual Center

“Jessica Zweig dives deep into the darkness and returns with rays of light.”

Marianne Williamson

American author & speaker

Shaman Durek

6th generation shaman

“Holding the book will raise your vibration. Reading it will unlock your light.”

“Get ready to feel like your super powers have been activated!”

Lori Harder

Podcast Host & Coach

Mastin Kipp

performance coach

“This book powerfully taps into energetics, the future of wellness, and will guide you step-by-step to unlock your full energetic potential.


Whether you’re struggling with the worst break-up of your life, body dysmorphia, money scarcity, or family trauma, I’ve been there…

And it hurts, hard.

I hit rock bottom. I hated my body. I hit a burnout and depression so deep that I thought I’d never recover…

But that deep darkness took me on a wild journey — to find the light.

It wasn’t easy. It took a lot of work. Which is why I call it the Light Work.

And I’d love to help you do the same because deep inside you is a radiant, cosmic light and when unlocked, you unleash your full power.

It’s time to remember who you are, and why you came here.

You are a Lightworker.

You are a member of the Family of Light.


Rebecca Minkoff

Founder of Rebecca Minkoff, Designer & author

“If you’re a burnt out female entrepreneur looking to reignite the light inside your soul again, look no further than Jessica Zweig’s THE LIGHT WORK”


“This book is here to help you claim responsibility for how you show up in every area of your life, starting now.

It’s going to guide you back home to yourself, so that you can remember your birthright and activate your unique codes.

Ultimately, it’s going to empower you to authentically, unapologetically live your light, shine and raise not just your own frequency, but the world’s.”


Inside you is a light so bright.

It could light up the fucking world.

  • Sacred invitations and powerful keys to illuminate your career, your relationships, your body, your purpose and your truth like never before
  • 11+ Spiritual practices and rituals to complete at the end of each chapter to help you unlock your true self
  • Raw, never-before-told stories of my spiritual awakening — from my darkest days and depression to Shamanic enlightenment, unworldly cosmic experiences, and Pleiadian connection
  • My secret spiritual toolkit: The must-have list of essential oils, books, podcasts, oracle decks, and crystal selection for your spiritual path


“If only people knew that the girl from Instagram, the one with the sunny bright yellow branding who is always so positive and high vibes, pretty much hates her life right now as she’s flying off to such a privileged experience.”



Your spiritual Lightworker journey isn’t about anyone else, it’s about YOU…

I haven’t written this book to show you the “one way.”

There are hundreds of beliefs, practices, and sacred sciences that exist in the world and you get to choose what aligns with you.

I will share with you everything I’ve learned in the last 12+ years on spirituality from ancient historic customs and astrology to plant medicine and Shaman experiences. As well as how I used this wisdom to scale my business, heal my relationships, and find my true power.

But you, the Lightworker, get to decide what practices and beliefs to hold. You choose your journey.

Because this book has one sole purpose, to:
Activate your light so you can finally, fully see the truth of who you really are.

Get immediate access to my spiritual toolkit and over $2997 worth of bonuses when you order the book today.

“The Light Work is a spiritual empowerment book, here to wake you up to the truth of what your body is truly capable of: to heal itself so you can heal the world.
Dr. Will Cole

leading functional medicine expert

Sah D’Simone

Bestselling Author of Spiritually Sassy

“This book feels like it’s been written by my best friend who loves me dearly, and confides her deepest thoughts, experiences, and tales through raw and honest, magnetic storytelling.


Here’s a quick sneak peek inside the book

Part 1

Unlock Your Inner Light

Get ready to unpack your relationship with your most inner self, your physical body, your personal power, and your connection to the Divine, or “source.”

Rage, joy, body love (or hate), and Chakras — we cover it all.


“That one conversation sent me into years of disordered eating, restriction, compulsive working out and body dysmorphia… After my body dysmorphia in my 20s came my auto-immune disease in my 30s…”

Part 2

Shine Your Outer Light

Here you’ll adventure through the rocky terrain of relationships with others — your family, romantic partners, friendships, and with money.

Family shit, friendship fallouts, lover struggles, and rich abundance — we explore it all.


“We got matching tattoos of the infinity symbol because it really did feel like we were going to be together forever. When the bubble popped and it all dramatically ended (as it always does in addictive, codependent relationships), my heart shattered into a trillion pieces…”

Part 3

CREATE THE Future Light

Finally, you’ll explore your true mission in this life as a spiritual Lightworker and how it will impact future generations to come. Your reason for being, your why, your higher purpose.

Your creation, your calling, your cause, and reclaiming your inner Goddess — we embrace it all.


“I came home from Egypt new. Everyone and everything else wasn’t. It was the same. My integration caused a lot of conflict, stress and strife in my life for months to follow…”


For spiritually-curious and spiritually-enlightened beings alike, this book is for you

Maybe you believe in serendipity and would love to trust your intuition more….

Maybe you kinda believe the universe has your back and you’d like to delve deeper…

Maybe you’re a highly spiritual woman who’s been living in the 5D world since the ‘90s…

Maybe you’ve felt like a bit of a rebel, a revolutionary, a renegade your whole life…

  • Discover your true mission and create an aligned career
  • Step into unlimited financial abundance
  • Make a MUCH bigger impact
  • Activate your confidence to new heights
  • Become fully embodied in this Divine Feminine vessel you’ve been given in this lifetime
  • And simply be who ever the fuck you want to be.
This book is for YOU
Craig Siegel

Bestselling Author, Global Speaker, Coach and Marathoner

“This book is a must read for anyone looking to tap into a higher consciousness, and achieve more abundance.”

All you need is a fresh journal to create your own sacred records

This book is my spiritual journal and with it, I pass on the key to create yours, with:

  • 80+ Journal prompts and meditations that invite you to go deeper than you’ve ever gone before
  • 11+ Spiritual practices and rituals to complete at the end of each chapter to help you unlock your true self
  • My secret spiritual toolkit: The must-have list of essential oils, books, podcasts, oracle decks, and crystal selection for your spiritual path
Julie Solomon

Visibility & Branding Coach

“The Light Work is an awe-inspiring journey of self-discovery and empowerment.”
This is your invitation to see

The world in 5D as a Spiritual

The “Lightworker” meaning:
A fully activated, integrated, authentic, powerful, and sovereign being

Get immediate access to my secret spiritual toolkit and receive your book on August 6, 2024


You might be thinking…

“Is this the personal branding expert JEssica Zweig—the founder of SimplyBe. Agency?”

My 7-figure agency, listed by INC. 5000 as one of 2023’s fastest-growing companies in America, might have been originally built with hustle…

But when I shifted that into spiritual hustle — AKA hustling for meaning and love — I grew exponentially.

In this new space I’ve been able to launch new creative endeavors, merely as experiments, which have become multi 6-figure projects. But most of all, I’ve created more ease, peace and endless flow.

And that is just part of my mission today — to help you unlock your light so you can step into greater abundance, your higher purpose, and illuminate the world.

One light at a time. Starting now, with my new book, THE LIGHT WORK.


Because you are a Lightworker and you’re here for a big fucking reason.

I’m ready to light your candle, if you are.

Activate your most authentic and unapologetic self by doing…

The Light Work

Reclaim Your Feminine Power, Live Your Cosmic Truth, Illuminate the World.