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Unlimited support and guidance to take you…

From burned out to burning bright

1:1 coaching with personal branding expert, business and spiritual coach, Jessica Zweig


It can get lonely at the top for a

Who does the Queen turn to when she’s busy running her Empire?

As a leader and businesswoman, you are constantly inspiring, giving, motivating, and encouraging others. There’s a lot of pressure, it feels like everyone is watching, and the decisions feel big.

But what about you? Who’s supporting you?

It can get lonely at the top — I know because I felt it too when I was building my personal branding agency SimplyBe. to 7-figures.

I also know this…

There’s only one outcome if you keep on giving to others without having a source of support and inspiration for yourself — burnout.

Especially in this masculine world where people wear “hustle” like a shiny badge of honor, unaware it’s the silent destroyer of hearts and souls.

Here’s the good news:

You don’t have to keep dancing on your own

Chellie Carlson

wardrobe stylist

“Having private coaching and guidance from Jessica has helped me accelerate at a quantum pace. It’s like I’m bending time.

In less than three years I’ve accomplished what could take others a decade. If I hadn’t hired Jessica for ongoing support I don’t know if my plans would have come to life. Jess has helped give me more structure… she’s coaching me on being a CEO and running a big team, and how I need to show up, act, and position myself with my team. I’m where she was five years ago. And that’s why it’s so powerful.”

It’s time to shatter the self-limiting bullshit, blaze a trail of brilliance, and shine like the Northern Star

You get to decide what burning bright means to you, perhaps you want to…

So, how exactly does private 1:1 coaching work with me?

You get my undivided attention. You can pop me in your pocket and ask me anything…

We’ll have two Zoom calls a month where we deep dive into your boldest dreams and chat equal measures strategy and personal empowerment (AKA, your light!) to ensure you live them.

But that’s just the beginning.

You have access to me all day, Monday to Friday, where you can ask me anything on Voxer.

I fully expect this relationship to go well beyond business — I’ll be as immersed in your daily life and decision making as you want me to. I’ll be the mentor and sister you can always count on.

There’s Only one catch…

Spots are extremely limited for this service.

Because I give you my undivided time and attention I simply cannot have many private coaching clients. This isn’t a marketing scarcity tactic—you become a beating part of my heart.

It’s also super important to me that we have the right energy match.

The best thing to do? Fill out the application form and we can take it from there…


When you stop playing small, it can feel scary…

but congratulations Queen, that’s the first sign you’re about to set the world ablaze

I’ll be by your side
your spiritual coach and personal branding expert, to strategize (and spiritualize) your growth.

I’ll hold your hand through all of it.

Katy Hanlon

Founder Sprinkle Cheer

“For the past 6 months I’ve been toying with what I want to do with my business. Within ten minutes with Jessica, my plan is right there. I cried. It felt so heart-aligned. It was a major breakthrough.

Jessica is heart centered and has a unique ability to blend practical business strategies with spiritual principles, which has allowed me to approach my business from a place of alignment, authenticity and sovereignty. She can understand all my “ideas” and pull them out in concise, clear and crystalized packages!”

Ready to go from burned out to burning bright?