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What’s your Lightworker Superpower?

Discover your hidden genius and how you can use it to take your brand (and life) to the next-level


Take your brand to a higher vibration with…

The Legacy of Light VIP Day

A full-day transformational 1:1 experience with branding, business and spiritual coach, Jessica Zweig

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You’re an exceptional woman.
A freakin’ QUEEN of a Lightworker.
It’s time to step into your brilliance.

I’ll give you the blueprint to do exactly that, in one glorious day together.

The ultimate in-person experience for CEOs and entrepreneurs who are ready to upgrade and be seen

You haven’t made it this far by accident.

You know you’re a badass female leader but to get to the next-level success you crave, you need to turn your 10,000 ideas into one clean action plan…

And give those self-limiting beliefs the middle finger (seriously, read that line above again — you’re a freakin’ Lightworker QUEEN).

YOU are more powerful than any fears holding you back today.

So that’s exactly what we’ll do in our one day together — give you a clear path for enormous growth and empower you to walk it.

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Angie Tina

Co-founder Urban Nest Realty & AT Luxury

“I needed a roadmap and Jessica provided just that.

The exact blueprint with a detailed, tangible action plan instead of just a big-picture vision that so many coaches give you. I already had that, I wanted to know exactly what I had to do to get there.”

This is for you if…

  • You’re a multiple 6-figure or 7-figure CEO or entrepreneur and are ready to become a globally recognized name
  • You want financial freedom to fuel fulfillment on every level — personally, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually
  • You’re ready for the next big thing to increase your impact—perhaps write a book, scale your team, or craft a powerful PR strategy
  • You want a business coach with a strategic and spiritual lens to help you step into your feminine power, and most of all…
  • You need to move fast and crave 1:1 attention from a master coach to help accelerate your business ASAP
  • You don’t just want cool ideas – you need an ACTUAL strategic plan that you can quickly and clearly implement, without the overwhelm
  • Your personal brand needs some polishing (ok, maybe a facelift) in order to authentically reflect the woman you’ve become
  • You LOVE high-touch, intimate experiences designed for raw vulnerability, Divine sparks of clarity and deep sisterly connections. (Hi, it’s me. I’m your new sister, it’s me.)

You’re at a crucial point in your business where you could just keep going like this… or you could turn those BIG secret dreams into a


I’ll be your fierce (but loving) executor for the day

Maybe it’s my fiery visionary Leo energy, maybe it’s because I get hyper-granular when making plans (Virgo Rising)…

But I’ll help you connect the dots and come up with the exact blueprint to get you where you want to be.

I’ll bring the same mix of brand marketing, strategy and Divine Feminine leadership, strategy and spirituality to your business that I used to build (and exit!) SimplyBe. – my multi 7-figure agency, listed by INC. 5000 as one of (and exit!) 2023’s fastest-growing companies in America.

My VIP days are the place where rapid fire whiteboard brainstorms and strategic business planning meets crystals and Oracle decks to bring your wildest dreams to life.

Ready to get started?

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Strategy + Spirituality

When your brand mirrors your true mission, you unlock your light to create a lasting legacy

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Very Important Person

The word VIP is over-used, but I’m stripping it back to it’s most authentic star-studded, red-carpeted, spotlight-illuminated meaning possible. When you land in Chicago or Nashville, you are my most important person and we embark on a truly special journey together.



Our day begins with a sacred ritual

We set our intentions as we light a candle, share a heartfelt prayer, and connect with the energy of crystals and oils that will guide our day together. You’re not just a VIP — you’re my very cherished guest.


The beautifully messy middle

I will guide you through my proprietary process — questions will be asked, ideas will fly, and whiteboards will be filled with inspiration during our five confidential and creative hours together.


Our enchanted evening together

After our intensive day of discovery and creativity, we’ll pause to refresh and recharge. Then I’m taking you out for a delicious dinner — you can leave the planning to me, I’ve got something fabulous in mind.

You get a detailed brand bible to turn ideas into action

As you fly home you’ll probably feel the fire in your belly…

You’ll have stoked the sleeping power inside you, glimpsed your light within.

You’ll be clearer on your brand, business model, marketing strategy and revenue potential than you’ve ever been.

But I want to make sure that light shines bright — which is why you receive a detailed brand and strategy bible within a month — this is a completely customized 40-page action plan that tells you exactly what to do next.

Because this is spirituality with strategy.

It’s a fully-activated, transformative experience that empowers you to make key pivotal changes in your business.

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“Great, I’m in! What happens next?”

And other questions…

Seriously, I’m ready to apply, what happens next?

I’ll tell you – keep scrolling!

Love your energy! When you apply on this page, my team and I will review your application form.

If it feels like a good fit, we’ll have a 30-minute call to answer any questions you may have before we sign the contract.

Then, before you fly out, we’ll have a 60-minute discovery call where I learn more about you and your business (so we can make the most of every minute together in person).

We’ll also send you a questionnaire to fill out where you’ll tell us all sorts of wonderful personal details so we can customize the experience for you on the day.

Then my assistant will help you book your flight and hotel reservation.

Is this VIP experience right for me?

If you’re a multi-6 or 7-figure entrepreneur or CEO who is ready for next-level success then yes, this is for you!

I have seen women across many industries get huge results with these days: from stylists and designers to high level coaches, agency owners, and CEOs of recruitment and tech companies.

If you’re looking for support beyond just one day I can also offer you monthly coaching on an ongoing basis but a VIP day is often the best place to start.

Do I have to fly to Nashville for this experience?

Yes! I am hosting you in my favorite city which means you get to completely relax as my guest for the day.

My assistant will help you with any logistical plans you might need to make, like flights and hotel. You can leave the rest to us!

What outcome can I expect at the end of the day?

  1. You will feel A-L-I-V-E. The one thing I hear over and over again after a VIP experience? “I didn’t realize how asleep I had been to my own power.”
  2. You’ll know exactly what your next business move is — and how to do it fast — I’ve seen clients launch podcasts, websites, big ticket products and programs, reorganize their team entirely, or start hiring.
  3. You get a 40-page brand bible on how to do that next thing, I’m talking granular-level detail to support you.

And my personal fave? We get to be connected forever. Most of my VIP clients become dear, treasured friends.

You can think of this day as a completely personalized, accelerated branding and business leadership program. It will get you to where you want to go, FAST because…

You’ll feel confident about your new business strategy and you’ll feel the energy shift you need to bring it to life.

Susana Murphy

Founder ALANTE Real Estate

“If you are at a moment in your life where intuitively you know you have to make some decisions, this is for you.”
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Ready to take your brand to a higher vibration?

The Legacy of Light VIP Day:

Where your business strategy is reborn with an energy shift that propels you beyond imagination.

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