“If you get healthy, anything is possible… Being healthy and feeling the best I’ve ever felt, opportunities to genuinely change the world, make a living for myself, and find success have presented themselves.”
— Vani Hari

Today, Jessica sits down with Vani Hari, widely recognized as the ‘Food Babe’, to delve into her inspiring journey from a life plagued with health issues to becoming a pivotal figure in the food industry. Vani opens up about her personal struggles with health from a young age and how a pivotal moment of crisis led her to a path of wellness, ultimately transforming her life through mindful eating and living. She shares the challenges she faced while exposing deceptive practices within the food industry and discusses her philosophy towards maintaining a balanced diet, even while traveling. This episode is a reflection of Vani’s unwavering commitment to transparency, quality, and empowering consumers through education, providing them with healthier food options and a glimpse into a transformative journey of health and activism.

In this episode of The Spiritual Hustler:

  • How Vani transformed her life through food
  • Challenges and wins behind Vani’s rise as the ‘Food Babe’
  • Food choices: tips for mindful eating both at home and out
  • How Vani advocates for transparency and accountability in the food industry
  • Simple ways to incorporate healthy eating at home

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