“I’ll tell you what’s real — love. The moments you have with yourself, life, other people where you open your heart and you actively adore somebody or you feel connected. That is all that matters.”

– Danielle LaPorte

When it comes to spiritual leadership and Jessica’s greatest virtual mentor, Danielle LaPorte is that incredible woman. Danielle is the author of The Desire Map and White Hot Truth, and teaches on how to live a heart-centered life through her membership and facilitator programs. Danielle’s wisdom on authenticity, vulnerability, and embodiment is masterful, and you’ll end this conversation feeling a renewed sense of what is truly real and meaningful in life. Today’s episode is so near and dear to Jessica’s heart, and she is thrilled to bring this conversation to you!

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In this episode of The Spiritual Hustler:

  • Danielle’s shift from hustle to gentleness

  • How Danielle is simplifying business & life

  • Stop chasing achievement; focus on connection & virtues

  • Spirituality as a trend and how it’s being weaponized

  • How to find your way back to truth

  • Desire higher: your feelings and state of being matter

More about this episode's Guest:

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