Find an agent that believes in you, that is a champion of your career as an author.
Jessica Zweig

Today, Jessica dives deep into her exhilarating journey through the book publishing world, detailing the process for you to become a published author. She talks about the crucial role of having an agent in your corner and walks us through snagging a publishing deal that resonates with your book’s soul. She contrasts the nitty-gritty of traditional publishing with the DIY vibe of self-publishing, shedding light on the financials and the hustle involved. Jessica unpacks the game-changing power of a killer book launch, sharing strategies for social media and influencer collaborations. Jess also reflects on the transformative joy and deep personal connection that comes with writing and sharing your story.

In this episode of The Spiritual Hustler:

  • Agent collaboration and securing a publishing deal
  • Traditional vs. self-publishing
  • Jessica’s dynamic strategies for a book launch
  • The impact of a book on personal branding and business expansion
  • The importance of consistent marketing and networking


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