Preserve your reputation — your brand is classier than talking sh*t about people. You want to be known for only speaking the highest, most loving, and integral thoughts and words about the people in your network. It’s all a reflection of how you see the world and who you associate with.

— Jessica Zweig

In this solo episode, Jess explores the topic of “Gossip is Gross” and provides three beautiful reasons to stop talking sh*t about people. She emphasizes the importance of preserving and protecting our reputations and the integrity of our brands. As strong, empowered women, we deserve to be loved and supported, and focusing on our own victories and glory instead of criticizing others is key to achieving our goals. By shedding gossip and refusing to engage in unhealthy coping mechanisms, we can build better, more fulfilling lives for ourselves and others.

In this episode of The Spiritual Hustler:

  • Rising above gossip to create a more beautiful reality
  • Protecting your integrity: why gossip is harmful
  • Elevating your character through positive communication
  • Self-love over spite: rejecting gossip and embracing your own worth
  • How gossiping is an unhealthy coping mechanism

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