We only have this moment in time, and life is very fragile. What can I do today to make myself a better person, to change someone else’s life? Because if we can allow ourselves to connect with others a lot of our emotional turmoil improves because we’re giving to the world, and we’re not focusing so much on ourselves.

— Dr. Donald Raden

Dr. Donald Raden is a board-certified psychiatrist who takes a progressive approach to health — one that is all in service of you living your highest quality life. In today’s conversation, Dr. Raden unpacks why ketamine is a powerful therapeutic intervention for depression, trauma, pain, and so much more, sharing research, the biochemistry, and what he’s seen in his practice. Jessica shares her life-changing experience and protocol working with Dr. Raden and using ketamine therapy. Whether you are struggling with depression or the day-to-day stressors of life, there is something in this episode for everyone.

In this episode of The Spiritual Hustler:

  • Dr. Raden’s path with psychiatry and functional medicine
  • Infectious diseases, psychiatric disorders, and holistic wellness
  • Research & biochemistry behind ketamine & how it’s a breakthrough in psychiatry
  • How ketamine helps depression, pain, trauma, & anxiety
  • Setting intentions each day to be present to your life vs. passively living

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