Every emotion is there for a reason — we can’t amputate any of them and expect to be whole.
— Kris Carr

Kris Carr dives deep into the profound subject of grief, inspired by the loss of her father, which became the catalyst for her book, “I’m Not a Mourning Person.” Within this conversation, she shares her journey of writing amidst personal pain and how grief can unearth past traumas and emotions. Tackling raw emotions like suppressed anger and exploring the intricacies of lineage and generational trauma, Kris accentuates the need for compassion, self-awareness, and love. Drawing parallels with the Kintsugi metaphor, Kris illustrates the art of discovering beauty in brokenness and encourages listeners to make our “golden years” today and find solace in life’s intricate moments.

In this episode of The Spiritual Hustler:

  • Kris Carr’s lessons from the grief of losing her dad
  • The suppressed power: Acknowledging and understanding anger
  • Generational trauma, self-awareness, & navigating personal ruptures
  • The Kintsugi metaphor & finding beauty in life’s fractures
  • Mindful self-care & the importance of “good enough”
  • Creating our “golden years” today

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