I’ve found a deepening and enriching in conversations with people — my networking feels different in a sense that I ask questions that invokes deeper questions that can be uncomfortable, like ‘When’s the last time you cried?’ It’s bringing in radical authenticity.

— Tanya Khani

In this episode, Tanya Khani, a soulful publicist, shares her master playbook on the evolving world of PR and how to grow your platform. Tanya opens up about her personal journey, including finding her authenticity through tragic events in Iran and her rebirth. She shares how radical authenticity has led to deeper connections and conversations in both her personal and professional life. Tanya also offers advice on how to build authentic working relationships through consideration and thoughtfulness, and reveals the number one way to become your own publicist.

In this episode of The Spiritual Hustler:

  • PR: what’s working today & how the industry has evolved
  • How Tanya’s work has evolved as she’s changed
  • Deepening conversations and radical authenticity
  • Building authentic relationships without pitching
  • The number one way to be your own publicist

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