“Look inside of yourself and do the work of becoming more conscious—you’ll start to magnetize more of the right people who truly fill your cup and make you your happiest, highest self.”

– Jessica Zweig

Today, Jessica is getting real and vulnerable by sharing the layers she’s aiming to shed in 2022 on toxic relationships and perfectionism. She talks about reflections and projections, and taking responsibility for the role we play in relationships that don’t feel good. Join Jess as she invites you to explore what is holding you back and how you can release it moving into 2022.

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In this episode of The Spiritual Hustler:

  • Jessica reflects on healing relationships with women in business

  • Identifying why a relationship is toxic & creating space by letting it go

  • Healing ourselves to attract in conscious relationships

  • What Jess has been healing around perfectionism

  • Releasing the need for our lives to look a certain way

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