“Whatever your sign, symbol, or totem is, my recommendation is that you choose it. You pick the one that resonates the most, set your intentions around it, and open yourself up to receive.”

– Jessica Zweig

As we continue with the October intention of “Be. Your Own Magic,” Jessica shares how becoming aware of the signs around you can empower you on your entrepreneurial journey. She shares her own powerful experiences by using signs, symbols, and totems for guiding her own path. The Universe is always communicating with us, we just need to become conscious and intentional with communicating back.

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In this episode of The Spiritual Hustler:

  • Grow your confidence by using signs to help guide your path

  • How to become aware of your own signs, symbols, and totems

  • Jess’s experiences with feathers as her sign

  • Becoming intentional with seeing and asking for signs

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