I couldn’t have written my book from a place of distraction or saturation; I needed emptiness to find the trust in my voice.

Jessica Zweig

In this powerful solo episode, Jess dives into the transformative lessons she learned from experiencing loneliness and solitude during a three-week trip to Costa Rica. Emphasizing the challenges and breakthroughs she encountered while penning her upcoming book, Jess discusses how she navigated imposter syndrome and a deep state of discomfort that initially came with being alone. Jess also shares the realization that solitude has allowed her to be more present with those around her, fostering a greater appreciation for humanity.

In this episode of The Spiritual Hustler:

  • Exploring the discomfort and growth in solitude
  • Reflections on imposter syndrome and self-questioning
  • How Jess utilized plant medicine in Costa Rica
  • Leveraging solitude to foster creative expression
  • Deepening appreciation for the people around us & humanity


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