“I want you to get crystal clear on your dreams. I’m sharing this because I want you to have your own vision of whatever that is for you. Your plan to feel it in your heart and to see it in your mind and then do the work.”

– Jessica Zweig

Hallucinogenic experiences can be beautiful or ugly and share deep revelations or simple messages. Jess turned to the sacred medicine of ayahuasca hoping to have a deeply profound experience. The message she received was a loving reminder of the power innate in every woman. Listen in as Jess recounts her healing experience with a shaman in Costa Rica.

On this week’s episode of the SimplyBe. Podcast, Jess is getting personal and going deep. If you’re not familiar with ayahuasca, it’s a sacred medicinal plant that people take to receive deep spiritual healing. Wanting to partake in this divine experience, Jess signed up for a retreat in Costa Rica in which she was guided by a shaman to safely experience ayahuasca.

Today Jess is sharing her experience and the revelations she received. Every woman who doubts her own innate power will want to hear this story of finding the divine Goddess within.

In this episode of The Spiritual Hustler:

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