If you’re cultivating as much presence as possible, the meaning will find you.

Light Watkins

Jessica dives deep with Light Watkins, a revered Vedic meditation teacher, speaker, and best-selling author. They unpack the concept of spiritual minimalism and how stripping away internal burdens can foster a more fulfilled life. Drawing from his book, “Travel Light,” Watkins stresses the importance of recognizing our intuition, termed the “heart voice”, and the essence of being present in every moment. They also touch upon the need to weigh our life choices, embrace discomfort, and prepare wholeheartedly for our individual missions.

In this episode of The Spiritual Hustler:

  • Understanding the “heart voice” and its role in intuitive decision-making
  • Spiritual minimalism and the importance of internal decluttering
  • The principle of no “throwaway” moments & cultivating unwavering presence
  • Reframing life’s challenges as training for our larger mission
  • Weighing costs and benefits for holistic well-being

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