Once you dress like a queen, once you dress like your higher self, you start feeling it. Once you’re embodying your essence, you can truly attract anything.

— Tali Kogan

Tali Kogan is a genius regarding fashion and the power of your personal style. You’ll hear her story of resilience and empowerment — how being born in Ukraine, immigrating twice in her life, and choosing to leave an abusive marriage all played into where Tali is today as a fashion stylist and creator of the Sweet Dome Chicago foundation. She explores how we call forth our inner queens by leaning into our personal style and shares tips on exactly how to do that. When Tali and Jess share the story of how they met, you’ll feel what’s possible when two women root for each other, and why sisterhood allows us to uplevel in all aspects of who we are.

In this episode of The Spiritual Hustler:

  • Tali’s story of resilience & empowerment
  • Using personal style to call forth your inner queen
  • Creating a capsule wardrobe & playing with contrasting elements
  • Tali’s foundation: turning her pain into purpose
  • Women supporting women: Jess & Tali’s origin story


More about this episode's Guest:

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