I want it to be as valid to be a non-mother as it is to be a mother, regardless of your reasons.

Ruby Warrington

Ruby Warrington is back on the show for a raw and tender conversation about her newest book, “Women Without Kids.” Ruby unpacks how as a society we have a binary view of motherhood when it’s really a spectrum, and the cultural expectation of women having children. Jessica shares for the first time her feelings on kids, and Ruby shares her journey of getting to a clear, convicted stance of being a woman without kids. They discuss the need to think about family and community differently, finding community, prioritizing friendships, and women looking out for one another. The conversation touches on the “regret” conversation of growing old without kids, eradicating the shame and self-doubt women experience, and the cultural belief that it’s “selfish” to be a woman without kids.

In this episode of The Spiritual Hustler:

  • The Motherhood Spectrum
  • Ruby & Jess share personal feelings on having kids
  • Cultural expectations of women having children
  • Redefining family and prioritizing friendships
  • Eradicating the shame & self-doubt of being a woman without kids
  • The power of impact and empathy for one another

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