“You’re a DJ. Your job is to remix all the sh*t coming at you and put your spin on it. I want your record; I want your album. You will never run out of content if you are brave enough to trust the creator.”

– Judi Holler

It’s time to make fear your homeboy with author, podcaster, and creator of the House of {&}™, Judi Holler! As the host of Yes, And, Judi sheds light on how to live with an improv mindset that keeps you saying yes to life while overcoming fears that hold you back. She shares her top high-performance habits, how she went from 2 to 10 revenue streams in a year, and how to be an idea DJ with your content. Get ready to end this episode feeling hype AF from Judi’s contagious passion and enthusiasm for life!

In this episode of The Spiritual Hustler:

  • What it means to make fear your homeboy

  • How Judi went from 2 to 10 revenue streams

  • The power in living a “Yes, And” life

  • Remixing content & being an idea DJ

  • Judi’s high-performance habits for vibing & thriving

  • Blending your personal life with professional life

  • Your goals are your boundaries

More about this episode's Guest:

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