One of the biggest parts of my journey has been honing my discernment when working with the spirit world, because when you’re first getting started with your psychic gifts, you may receive a lot of stuff from the spirit world that may not be for your highest good.

Emily The Mystic

Emily The Mystic is an intuitive mentor, spiritual teacher, and Akashic Records Master Consultant. Emily breaks down the different star families and explains how identifying which one you belong to can help you better understand yourself and bring you more into alignment. She also discusses her gifts of clear-knowing and clear-hearing, how she became Emily The Mystic, and how she works with the Akashic Records to help her clients.

In this episode of The Spiritual Hustler:

  • Understanding star families & the meaning of being a star seed
  • The attributes of different star family groups
  • Using the Akashic records to gain a higher understanding of yourself
  • Emily’s gifts of clear-knowing and clear-hearing
  • How Emily’s business took a spiritual turn
  • Creating a clear channel for intuitive abilities

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