“When you are able to truly understand what makes you amazing and are able to communicate that knowledge into the world to market, promote, and drive your business and life forward, the game literally changes.”

– Jessica Zweig

“What are you the most unapologetically proud of in your life?” Jessica asked, and you answered. In today’s solo, Jess unpacks how we consistently diminish how amazing we are, we don’t truly own our greatness or celebrate how far we’ve come. It’s time to reflect and shine a light on the moments you are the most proud of. Jess shares one of her proudest moments involving an Uber ride with an intern, and then shares the vulnerable responses she received from community members. (Grab a tissue, you might need it!)

In this episode of The Spiritual Hustler:

  • What shifts in your life when you unapologetically own your worth

  • Jess shares community members proudest moments & one of hers

  • Reflect on, celebrate, and honor how far you’ve come

  • Monthly challenge: write out what you’re unapologetically proud of

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