We each have truth and medicine that can heal so many, but how can we get to the most potent truth if we have so many other voices shrouding that? When you silence what’s up there, you can get to the heart of the matter.

Vasavi Kumar

Vasavi Kumar joins Jess for an enlightening conversation on how we can work through any situation by speaking it out loud. Vasavi shares her journey to the proposal of her first book, “Say It Out Loud,” and explores the power of vocalizing our internal struggles to free ourselves and truly be ourselves. They delve into the “Say It Out Loud” method, discussing the significance of talking back to the voices in our heads. Vasavi and Jess unpack how we can lead with our hearts and have the courage to pursue our dreams when we manage the voices in our heads. The conversation also explores ways to stop self-censoring and techniques for letting ourselves dream and reclaim our power.

In this episode of The Spiritual Hustler:

  • Vasavi’s unique book proposal journey for “Say It Out Loud”
  • The “Say It Out Loud” Method: the impact of verbalizing vs. writing
  • Learning to talk back to the voices in your head
  • Leading with your heart over head
  • Censorship of self: identifying where we hold back
  • Vasavi’s technique for reclaiming personal power


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